Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've done it again!

See all of those groceries? That's $211 dollars worth of stuff. There's tons of stuff that you can't see because I had to stack others in front of it. Guess what I paid for it all. Come on...guess. $75!!!!! Yes, that's right. What a steal.

Now, look at this!

This is my Walgreens purchase. $75.76 is the total worth of everything you see. I only paid $14.28. That's $61.48 in savings!!! Here's how I did my Walgreens run:

The Airwick 6.10 oz. i-motion kits are regularly $14.99. They were on sale for $7.49. In this weeks Sunday paper there was a coupon for $5 off. I bought 2 and used 2 coupons. I only paid $2.50 a piece!!!! That's $5.00 for 2 of them.

The smaller Airwick freshner i-motion kits were on sale for $3.99. I bought 3 and used 3 $4 off coupons that I printed off the Airwick website. In case you didn't catch that...they ended up FREE!!

The All detergent waws on for $3.50 a piece with the Walgreens ad coupon. I bought 2 and used 2 coupons for $1.00 off that I printed off of All together....$5.00 for 2 bottles of laundry detergent. That is cheaper than the cost of 1 at regular price!!!

Lat but not least, the Chex Mix. They were on sale 2/$3.00. I printed off 2 coupons for $.50 off at Total for these was only $2.00.

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